Hangin' with a few new friends

Last night I hung out with some of my Utopia coworkers and their friends. Pretty interesting group. They like to drink. A LOT. Which is fine with me as long as it doesn't get too crazy. Some of them dressed up for Halloween. My friend/boss Lauren dressed up in an orange Dept Of Corrections jumpsuit, sported a blonde wig and handcuffs and called herself Paris Hilton. I thought that was pretty damn funny. She didn't stay in it long enough for me to get a picture of the outfit but we took a picture together later.
(Wow. I just realized that my eyes look really blue in that picture. Ironically, I am wearing this shirt from Abercrombie that says "Blame it on my blue eyes." Anyway...)

And another coworker (hairstylist) Joleen dressed up as some sort of Fair Maiden with this awesome wig and everything, but I didn't get a picture of her costume either! So I just took a random picture after she got drunk. :) ha ha ha ha

Today Mom and I went out to buy a few Christmas presesnts. Kohl's was having the most awesome sale! I picked out some new dishes and other stuff for her to get me for Christmas and you know I had to take a quick look at the new Vera Wang stuff too. LOVE IT! So beautiful, simple and sophisticated.
Then I was checking my email a while ago and I about fell off the bed when I saw this on Michelle's blog. HELLO! I am super envious! How cool is that? I cannot even tell you how much I loved Beverly Hills 90210 when I was little. It was PATHETIC. I had the comforter, sleeping bag, posters, etc.
And I may have crossed over to the dark side. I started playing Madden '08 (a football video game for those that are not of the Nintendo/Xbox/PS2 generation) and I actually had fun!! I can now see why that game is super-addicting for guys. Well, it took me about til 4th quarter to get the hang of all the buttons and plays and stuff but it was totally a bonding experience. :) Next time he's going down!

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