Around here.

It has been a rollercoaster ride these past seven days. Last Thursday I came down with a sinus infection and I felt like I slept for two days straight. (Hence no blogging.) Then, the weather was all OVER the place this week. One day it was sixty degrees, the next day it snowed. No lie.  I'm pretty sure Cincinnati is going through menopause right now (or something!). So the dogs and I have been spending some quality time together braving all of this crazy freakin' weather.

However, I did get a few things done while I was under the weather (no pun intended! ha). I have been working on wedding packages and pricing for this year. I've researched some new products to bring into the lineup (including some hand-painted canvases) and I revamped the branding a little. In addition, I added an 800 number to the website so that you guys can reach me with more ease. :) And, new business cards are being designed as we speak, too! Gosh, I'm even impressing myself here! haha.

 Well, let's make February an awesome month! YOLO. :)  Have a great weekend!

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