Mother's Day surprise

I wasn't able to make it home for Mother's Day this year so I wanted to make it extra special for my Mom.

About a year ago on a visit back home to NC, I was going through some old stuff of my Dad's when we came across several home movies. These things looked like they had been to Hell and back (seriously).  But because they were family videos and they might be salvageable I told Mom I wanted 'em anyway. 

Well, fast-forward a year and a half later. I found a service called iMemories.com that would take those old memories and put them on DVD.  My, oh my, what magic it was to preview those little snippets of life from way back then.  I knew I had done a great thing by hanging on to those old movies. If I was getting teary-eyed, I knew Mom would treasure it forever.
My next project?  A little something for my sister's birthday next month. Wink, wink. ;)

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