Garden Growth

After lots and LOTS of rain at the beginning of last week, we were glad we didn't transplant anything to the garden last weekend. The tomatoes (second picture) look like they're doing great and will be ready to transplant pretty soon though. I'm still amazed that there IS such a thing as purple basil (the third picture -- I still can't wait to try it!) and the regular basil is of course fragrant and enticing. Also, we are loving the convenience of home-grown strawberries. It's a fairly young, small plant with minimal produce, but it's awesome nonetheless!

In this last picture, you'll see the hop trellis that Tim built with our friend Brent a few weeks ago. At first I was a little ambivalent on this project but as long, as the trellis gets stained and looks pretty, I'm cool with it. ;) Until the hops grow and fill in the structure, we will just have the hostas to look at for now.

What new garden happenings or projects are happening at your home?

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