Random Thoughts From The Clouds

There were lots of weird cloud formations yesterday before we had our huge string of thunderstorms last night. This is just one that I happened to capture. It doesn't quite do it justice but you get the jist of it. As a result of the storm last night, this happened and lots of people are commenting on it.

From The Clouds also happens to be one my favorite songs off of the new Jack Johnson cd To The Sea along with "Red Wine, Mistakes, Mythology" and "When I Look Up" (really wish that one was longer).

Speaking of music, yesterday I read an interesting article in the recent issue of Rolling Stone magazine about Jay-Z. If you like Jay-Z you should check it out.

And this is in no way related to clouds or music -- well maybe it's related to clouds, but I've had an increasing urge to buy an antique-ish camera and shoot film. As always, feedback is welcomed.

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