Home-grown salad, anyone?

We definitely have made progress with the garden since the last time I showed you pictures a few weeks ago. The top picture shows the area in the back yard (staked with the tiki torches before we went out and got real tent stakes) where we plan to have most of the veggies.  The middle picture shows where we have some sunflowers planted (that will hopefully yield some awesome photography - wink wink) along with some other flowers. The bottom picture shows our planter full of mesclun salad greens. I know "mesclun" sounds weird, but it's actually pretty tasty. 

We have a separate area over on the side of the house where we are growing several different herbs like basil, sage, parsley, etc but I forgot to take a picture of that. They are doing well though. 

Let's hope that our veggies make it in the soil up here.  There's a lot of clay in the soil. Right now it's just kind of a "wait and see" scenario so let's hope it's not a bust. I'm ready for some home-grown tomatoes to go with my salad mix!

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