Color coordination at its best!

So this was my birthday present from Tim. And you're probably thinking, "Olivia, why do you need another camera when you have that other one that's so much nicer?"  I can understand why you would think that. Here's why. Last week when we were at the Train concert I thought to myself, "I really wish I had something other than the camera on my phone to take a picture with tonight." Obviously I wouldn't want to take a super-nice camera to an event where people are (possibly) drunk and in close quarters. Not a favorable combination for your's truly and her camera. And capturing moments is very important for me but if I can't see the picture all that great then I'll be bummed. Hence our trip to Best Buy a week later to buy this wonderful little pocket-sized camera in a beautiful plum color. Love it!

 (By the way, that coordinating nail polish is part of the new OPI Hong Kong collection. It's called "Meet Me On the Star Ferry" and it's prettier in person.)

More birthday pictures to come soon!

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