Holiday Extravaganza Kick-off

As you can see, we've been pretty busy the past week so I thought you would like to see what we've done! I have definitely been in the Christmas spirit (I guess when you don't work in retail anymore during Christmas you don't become a Scrooge before Thanksgiving).
After Tim got back from his trip Friday we decided to do some holiday-oriented things on Saturday. Pictures one through four are from the Krohn Conservatory Holiday Floral Show. They had some beautiful flowers all throughout the building, an impressive rotating structure with a model train going around the display of downtown Cincinnati, as well as some people selling their homemade wares. I was really impressed with this woman's homemade beeswax products. I ended up buying an awesome honey-vanilla lip balm and a small pillar candle. You can visit her website here: http://www.beehavenhoney.com/.
Pictures five through eleven are from the Germania Society Chriskindlmarkt. It wasn't quite as fun as Oktoberfest but it was still entertaining. There wasn't nearly the selection of food and drinks that I thought there would be, but it was definitely festive and had a few arts and crafts as well. I think my favorites from this activity were the cherry streudel dessert, the cuckoo clocks display and my "Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie" hot chocolate cocktail drink. (Take one cup of hot chocolate, add 1/2 shot of Peppermint Schnapps and 1/4 shot of Baileys. Top with whipped cream. YUM!!)
Pictures twelve through sixteen are from around the house. Some pictures show the process of Tim cooking an early Thanksgiving dinner for his staff at the Olive Garden. Lots of preparation and hardwork went into that dinner but it was oh so delicious! (Let me just tell you how much restraint you have to have when you have enough cookie dough to make 200+ chocolate chip cookies.) The other pictures just show a few of the decorations around the house. I'm very excited that we got to put the Christmas tree up early this year. And my "Joy" painting turned out just how I had hoped! It's a sweet beginning to the holiday season. :)

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