Food, Inc.

Last week Tim and I both had the evening off together so we decided to watch a Movie On Demand. We were going through the list of movies available and weren't too thrilled with the selection we had to work with but then we saw this documentary. It seemed pretty intriguing after we watched the preview. And being that Tim works in the restaurant industry, and I am just interested in food in general, it seemed like a no brainer.

Let me just say, that was the most informative and educational $5.00 we've spent in a while. If you haven't watched this movie you should. Honestly, I feel like every American should watch it. Everyone has the right to know where their food comes from (and they should want to be informed about it) and this film will definitely open your eyes. Although don't watch it right before Thanksgiving because it might ruin it for ya. Maybe just watch it this week or next and then tell me what you think.

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heidi said...

OMG! I watched this last night and i was in shock of how these animals are treated.. It's horrible!


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