Five on Friday

I enjoyed it so much last week I decided to do it again!

The favorites this week:

1. This leather jacket at The Limited. (I haven't loved a jacket in a really long time.) And with a Friends and Family 40% off coupon, and a nice surprise from Tim, I am now the proud owner. :)

2. An impromptu date night with Tim last night. We went to Slim's for dinner and Honey for dessert. Let me just say that my favorite part was not Slim's (for a number of reasons) and we will definitely try Honey for dinner sometime.

3. Tonight we are having Vigna Dogarina Pinot Noir and I love it. I can't remember how much we spent on it though so don't blame me if you go buy it and it ends up being a sticker shock. :)

4. This magazine rack from Crate and Barrel.

5. If you are a dog person/owner, and you can spare 15 minutes to take a quiz, go to DogAge.com. It's fun, interesting and informative.

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