Because you know I'm not gonna get up that early...

A while back, probably at least a month ago, Tim and I were looking through the guide on TV to see what's on and we came across a sunrise at Haleakala on the Big Island. We sat there and just watched it for like five minutes and I said, "What IS this? It's so awesome!" So the Info said it was "Sunrise Earth" on the Discovery Channel. (It is especially great if you can see it in HD because you feel like you are really there.)

Well, I set it to record all the new episodes of Sunrise Earth and now I'm just in love with this series. If you want to take a nap, it is the perfect thing to fall asleep to. So peaceful. I could imagine doing yoga to it as well.

If you need a mental breather, and you haven't checked out Sunrise Earth, you are missing out.

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