Secret Admirer?

I don't really get the mail every day.

In fact, I pretty much get it whenever I remember to get it. Usually it's just junk mail because I pay most of my bills online these days so I don't really care about getting my junk mail and ads on time.

One evening a couple of weeks ago, I checked the mail when I was taking out the dogs, and there's an US Weekly magazine in the box. I thought, "Ooh! US Weekly! Wonder how that got in there? Must've been the neighbors or something. Maybe I'll browse through it tonight and then deliver it to them tomorrow. They'll never know the difference."

Nope. It was addressed to me.

Obviously, I did not sign myself up for US Weekly. Neither did Tim. (That's not really something he would do anyway.) I called my mom when I was driving home from work the next day and asked her if it was like an early Christmas present or something. She said no. Did Gabrielle do it? No.

Who did it?

Then, last week after work, I walked in the door from work and Tim says, "You got another magazine." At this point I've already received three weeks worth of US Weekly and I was really liking it.

"Oh, cool!" I said.

It was actually Rolling Stone magazine. Literally, he meant another magazine. Score! Love Rolling Stone.

So, I don't know who you are magazine fairy, but I like your taste in picking out my magazines. And if you're on a roll and I haven't met the magazine quote yet, I'd like to put in a request for any of these: In Style, Yoga Journal, Scrapbooks Etc., or Real Simple. (And if you'd like to reveal yourself, I'd like to thank you as well.)

PS - I'm much better about checking the mail now, too.

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