Adventures in Neti Pot-ing and other interesting things this week

My sinuses and I ... we don't get along. Twice a year, they like to act up and give me sinusitis and put me out of work for almost a week. The past few days I felt a little sickly and I decided ... this time I have to take matters into my own hands. Ladies and gentlemen, I purchased a neti pot this evening.

I think it really just gives me one more reason to put off going to the doctor. But I've heard raves reviews of neti pots from coworkers and friends so I figured why not? And, hey, I've done ear candles with the best of 'em... why not try this too?
Well, for one thing, I kinda felt like I needed adult supervision. (And you might be thinking, Olivia, you are an adult. And, yes, you're right, but I felt like I needed a Mom there or something. You know. It was just strange.)
I read the directions three times and still I think I did it wrong. It says you're supposed to tilt your head and then breathe through your mouth, but everytime I ended up swallowing water somehow. No bueno. I got a little better each time (I did it twice on each side) but it still didn't feel right.
So if anyone out there has experience in this sort of thing, please email or comment and maybe give me some tips so I don't feel like I'm drowining in the ocean the next time I do this. On the upside, the little bit that I managed to do correctly, has improved my breathing... so I'm actually feeling good about it overall.

In other news, I have time off from work starting on Saturday! Hallelujah! Tim and I are going to visit his family and have an early Thanksgiving dinner with them. Should be lots of fun up in PA. However, the trip up there will probably not be lots of fun.

Nine hours ...

in the Mustang ...

with two dogs.*

What are we thinking!??!

Food is a strong motivator I tell ya. I'll let ya know how it turns out.

*Feel free to leave comments or suggestions about this as well. :) We need all the help we can get!

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