Things I've Learned About Charlotte (So Far)

1. People do NOT know how to drive. They think that I-77 is North Carolina's version of the Autobahn.

2. There's fantastic shopping around every corner!

3. You can go from a good neighborhood to a shady part of town in the blink of an eye.

4. I love to drive on the highway at night here. For some reason it's much more enjoyable. Probably because all the people in #1 are all at home having dinner and watching TV. They should stay there.

5. The dog parks are MUCH nicer.

6. I'm going to have to start saving half of my paycheck to pay for gas. Seriously.

7. Road names change without warning for no apparent reason. This is very frustrating when you're trying to get to work and you forget that Tyvola Road changes to Fairview Road but you forgot because you zoned out listening to a good song on 106.5 and for a split second you freaked out because you don't know if you missed your turn or not. Or something like that.....perhaps.

8. Even when you think there's nothing to do, there really IS something to do.... AND it's not lame!

So, that's my list so far. More positives than negatives so hopefully it'll keep going in that direction. :) Happy Monday!

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