Lots of "new"

I'm sure you've noticed that it's been awhile since I blogged about anything. That's because LOTS of stuff has been going on.

Where to start?

Well, I guess it started when Tim had a meeting a few weeks ago with an OG director and said she needed him to go to the Pineville OG to help straighten out the restaurant. He says, OK and then calls me at work, "So...... what do you think about moving to Pineville?" And I say, "Sure! I love Pineville. My parents used to have a house down there. Nice area." He says, "Great. I gotta start down there by the end of the month."

Oh crap.

Seriously? Why do all my moves have to be done with such haste?

Well, anyway. Here we are about two days from the movers showing up and packing up all our stuff (hello, deja vu) and making the trip with three doggies down to our new rental home on Allegiance Drive. (Email me if you want the actual address for directions, driving times and such so that we can have some visitors.)

Somehow in all ths mix, some drama happened with the family (surprise surprise) and ... long story short I ended up looking for a new car last week. Well, not a new new car but a new used car. You know what I mean -- it's new to me. So, my search ended Saturday with a cute Saturn at Carmax that I couldn't pass up! And, of course, it's green. Ha!

So, with all this new stuff going on, hopefully I'll be able to find a great new job at an Aveda salon and spa or something down in Charlotte. Not too worried about that part though. Charlotte is full of opportunity and I know I'll get some awesome references from Chris and Lauren. You know, one of those "you'd be stupid not to hire Olivia" - kind of references. :)

With all this being said, to all my Charlotte friends, I'll be seeing you guys soon!! Keep a lookout for us!

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