Flashmob First Dance - Wardrobe Malfunction!

Hey y'all! Remember last week when I told you I was part of a secret photography project?  Well, it's done!

One of the members of our local photography group had a couple of crazy souls that were getting married last month and they let us flash mob their wedding! :)  How fun is that?!

Make sure you check out the video from the link here and leave us a comment. And feel free to share it as well. (Wouldn't it be awesome if we hit one million views???) Flashmob First Dance - Wardrobe Malfunction - YouTube

And, if you're wondering where I am in the wedding paparazzi flash mob, I'm on the left side of the stage at 2:39 min into the video. I'm crouching down and "flashing" away!

 Happy Tuesday!

Here we are! Waiting outside and almost ready to go in and surprise everyone! 

The newlyweds and their guests all got a kick out of our little surprise!

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