Go Big or Go Small?

Many times clients want advice on where to hang big pictures and where to hang smaller images. Here are some quick rules of thumb to help you decide.

If you are hanging the images in an area where people will be standing right next to them when they are viewing them, such as a hallway or entryway, then it is the perfect place to hang a group of smaller pictures. These can be anything from 16x20’s, 8x10’s, and even 5x7’s. Anything bigger will cause the viewer to back way up to be able to take it all in.

When designing a wall that is across the room and not as accessible, then it is better to print bigger images like 16x24’s and even up to 36x48’s. That way, when guests walk into the room, they can easily see the pictures from far away and feel the energy and emotion that comes from the image. If you choose to hang small images on a far away wall, then your guests will have to walk all the way across the room and sometimes really strain to see what is in the picture.

Picking your image size by the space in which it is going to be displayed is the best way to enjoy your images that you want to view. If you’re really stuck, take a picture of the room and send it to me in an email! I’m always here to help! :)

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