Lexington, I'll Be Back!

Last weekend, I drove down to Lexington to drop off three of my photos to be auctioned off at the ASAP Silent Auction and I thought I'd share the trip with you guys.

This was my first time visiting Lexington since moving to Cincinnati. It took a little over an hour and a half to get to the downtown area. When I was looking for a place to park near ArtsPlace, I saw that a few streets had been blocked off for an event. So after I checked in and dropped off my artwork, (and paid $5 for "ALL DAY PARKING" -- ahem) I thought I might as well walk around and see what's going on down here.

About two blocks down, it turns out that all the roads were blocked off for a Maifest! It was darling. Just about one city block was used for the event and had all sorts of tents set up. One section had a book fair going on, another had arts and crafts, and of course there was lots of good food you could get a whiff of just walking around.  Then there was a group of people in the "square" doing some sort of Maifest dance. So neat.

 After walking around for a bit, I decided to hop back in the car and continue with my Saturday but not before taking a few pictures of course. I had definitely seen enough to put Lexington on our "Must Spend A Day Here" list that Tim and I have created.  Mark my words, we'll be back!

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