Five On Friday

Here are my favorite things from this month! I hope you enjoy them. :)

1. Umbra Bamboo Bathtub Caddy  - I saw this when I was shopping in Target the other day and almost bought it for myself. Almost. (Hint to Tim.) The best part is? There's a spot for your wine glass!
2. 8tracks - This is a music site/app that has mixes (yes, MIXES!) made by real people! Not like Pandora or Spotify where it's all computer-driven. I found an awesome 90's hip-hop mix that I worked out to this weekend and I literally didn't want to stop working out because the songs were so fantastic! I swear. Check out the website and if you like it, the app is available for iPhone and Android. Oh, and it's FREE.  (You can thank me later.)

3.Synergy Kombucha drinks - they are totally raw, tasty, organic, low-carb, low-calorie drinks that are SO healthy for you! I've been having them a few times per week in the afternoon when I feel a Starbucks craving coming on and then it really helps to make it through the the rest of the day. It really gives you good energy and I also notice it helps to control my appetite. Locally, they are about $3.69 per bottle (about the same you'd pay for a Starbucks drink). My recommendation? Try the Mystic Mango... it's definitely my favorite.

4. 30 Days of Pinspiration - I can't tell you a whole lot about this one because it's really a big secret to everyone. I just have this feeling it's gonna be pretty neat. :)

5.  Instagram Custom Earrings - Made by Instanything on Etsy. These were on Pinterest the other day and I immediately pinned them! They also have bracelets and necklaces. (The only dilemma is choosing a picture to wear.) Bonus: only $20 + free shipping. Yay for that.

Happy Friday everyone!

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