Hello, October!

Hi everyone! I'm back! :) Thanks for sticking around!

September was definitely a busy month. Lots of photography action and beautiful weather kept us out and about.

We celebrated the first official day of Fall with an awesome six-course dinner accompanied by a few great friends. Tim really went all out with the meal. And our friends brought over the best wines to pair with each course. It could have been anyone's Last Meal and we would have been quite okay with that.

Tim and Layla have been hiking and trailblazing more times than I can count. (And Layla loves it.)

I have been very busy working on so many photography things (along with my regular full-time job). There has been lots of research going into the types of products I want to offer my clients, pricing, packaging, and the list goes on and on! It has been fun but a little overwhelming at the same time.

And last, but definitely not least, I finally got my website up and running!!! Please introduce yourself on the guestbook and take a look around at my new "home." It is pretty basic right now and I might add a few things here and there down the road but it is probably the most exciting addition out of everything lately.

I also would like to give a special Hello and Happy Birthday to my Mom today who turned 21 again! ;)

I hope everyone has a fantastic month! October, I am ready for you!

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