Getting personal: Mental Vacations and Learning

I've gotta be honest. Last week was a rough week for me. I had a lot of family stress going on and drama and just STUFF that was bothering me. Things were just getting me down. Every time I sat down to write a blog or even just post a picture, I felt bored and uninspired. So I dug deep inside and asked myself, "Self, you're so much more awesome and better than this! What is going on?"

And then it hit me. I need a change...

But how? I need to get the vacation mindset without going on vacation. So I kept thinking and realized I need a new perspective. I need a fresh spin on things. Something different! How do I do that? Learn. Learn something new. I needed to get EXCITED about something!

And so I did.

I took some photography workshops and poured myself, my very being, into everything that was being discussed and demonstrated.

And now? I am feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and not as panicky and stressed. I am feeling so excited about learning these new processes, techniques, etc that the drama and the STUFF is starting to matter less and less.

Because you know what? I have more important things to do than worry.

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