Should I or Shouldn't I? The Christmas Card Conundrum

In the hustle and bustle of the holidays, you may be wondering if sending cards is worth the time and expense. After all, email, Facebook and the like keep those who are on your list updated throughout the year. So should you still send a snail mail holiday greeting? Absolutely. But you want more of an answer than that, don’t you?

November to December is a whirlwind of activity and the thought of adding one more item to your to-do list is enough to make you head straight for the adult bowl of eggnog. But let’s take a step back. The holidays are the time of year when we are reminded of the incredible people we have in our lives (can we say “Auld Lang Syne”?), and we treat them with our gifts and time. What better way to do that than with a greeting card?

In today’s age of tweets and texts, receiving a heart-felt note in the mail holds special meaning. We’re not talking about a rambling year-in-review novel. But taking the time to put together a simple greeting for those special people in your life will give you the opportunity to stop and consider those near and dear, and will put a smile on their faces when they receive your tidings-filled message.

Now is the time of year to put down the Crackberry, turn on the Bing Crosby, grab a pen and a hot chocolate, and take a few moments to do something special for those you love. It’s a grand gesture with a small price tag. And imagine the looks on your family's faces when they witness your archaic form of communication. They might even be inspired to send a few of their own. . . .

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