I hate Trojans.

"Your Virus Database" print via Parachute425 on Etsy
I'm not talking about condoms or USC. I'm talking about Trojan viruses that have unfortunately attacked my laptop and made it inoperable. (And, by the way, my "virus database" had been updated but it was no match for this weasel of a virus.) Hence, my lack of blogging for about a week.

Right now, my dear little laptop is with a knowledgeable computer guy for the next few days who is doing his very best to remove said virus. Pretty please with sugar on top, keep your fingers crossed that my laptop (and all of its pictures, documents and other "life stuff") comes back in one piece.  Because, you see, I was a very bad laptop mom for the past two months and haven't backed up my "stuff" to the external hard drive since, like, June (maybe even May).  SO, the thought of losing all those pictures and everything, makes me sick to my stomach. Therefore, we need this to happen in a major way.

I'll keep you guys posted on the progress. In the meantime, blogging will be on the slim side for the next week or so, until things get back to normal around here.  Also in the meantime?  I'll probably be dreaming of Apple computers until I can afford one because I heard they don't get these sort of things.

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