2 weeks already?

Well it's definitely been a busy start to the new year if I just realized that it's been two (almost three) weeks since the last time I blogged. My apologies!

I know I still have to post pictures from Christmas and New Years. I tried to post the one video from New Year's on Facebook but that didn't work out so well. It was gonna take like 30 min to upload (and no, I wasn't doing a dial-up connection or anything.)

What else? ... Oh! I got a promotion at work and I'm now one of the assistant managers of the salon. Yay for me! I've also been working on a little photography "project" over the past few weeks. I had to buy a freakin' DayTimer just to keep myself straight! (I am not a DayTimer type of person if that tells you anything.)
I'll try and catch up more this weekend.

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